The waitress who had a fit of hysteria

22 09 2009

Had a little catch up with my good ol’ mates, Chris and WT @ the Gardens & Midvalley for dinner and desserts.

This funny incident came about when we were set for our 2nd round -desserts, somewhere (cannot disclose the name of the shop) in the middle of the promenade.

Me and WT were busy chatting, on the other side, Chris and his other girl friend were waving to their friends from the opposite of the atrium. His girl friend accidentally pushed the waitress as soon as the waitress handed my dessert to me. The dessert fell on me, piak, in a split second. My right torso was covered with Mango fruits, the sago, the syrup, ice. I startled for awhile. The waitress emitted a long hysterical tone. poor careless waitress. Whilst I, the victim did not  get the chance to utter a single word or even whine. And of  course, Chris’s friend was feeling bad, repeatedly begging for mercy for like, 100 times? It’s not anyone’s fault, seriously. That was just an accident. An accident.

The story did not end here. So I went to the washroom to get myself clean up. I put a stack of tissues on the dry lane on top of the sink. A lady came in to pee. Surprisingly, she took my tissue without permission. In my mind I was like,” hey skimpy woman! are you blind? That’s my tissue!! ”

Come to think about this whole incident. It was extraordinarily humorous.

Chris, currently USM-based (Penang)

Cheers to my replaced Mango dessert

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Nice having done nothing but to just enjoy a proper dinner with you guys.




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