It’s a bright Saturday and I got a mood swing..

26 09 2009

Just got back from the “Golden Start-fundamental of investment” talk  held in the college. I was compelled to this whole idea of fundamental knowledge of investing. Until at 11.31, the phone inside my pocket vibrated, I took out and read the message. It was from mum, informing that ah kong’s (grandpa) health condition is deteriorating. And asked for united prayers. I was taken aback for few sec and immediately lost focus on the talk. Inside the head, there was confusions, exclamation marks, emotions, and the feelings that I just can’t put it into words.

Just for the record, I was raised in the environment where I dont get to hang out with the old-old folks (grandpa and grandma) frequently. In fact, I never saw my grandma in person. She passed away before I was brought into this world. The time that I would visit ah kong were during occasions, ie; his Birthday, Chinese New Year (only when Im in Kch), Easter, Christmas, monthly visits. But there was one event I  remember fondly was the time I got my first paycheck at the same time before I left for studies. I brought him out for beef noodles.

Ah kong is a reserved man to strangers but there’s something more inside him. That’s the only phrase I can define him.

Therefore, I have a request to you, readers. But before that, it’s not by accident that you came across this entry. It has a purpose. And that is to help me through your prayers. Help me to pray to ah kong that in this period of time. He may have no sense of regrets for the things undone; the strength and faith to fight against this battle; that he is happy insofar with his family members as a whole.

I would be more than happy with your sincere prayers. Do leave a comment or two so that in return I can pray for you guys too.

Thank you!




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