My father’s eldest son turns 24

2 10 2009

In just a bit, Im going to write something about my brother. Before that, I would like to start this entry with a mini-introduction about him.

Well, if you are conscious enough to notice the date today. Yup! Today marks my brother’s 24th Birthday. He was born on 2nd Oct ’85. The eldest child in the family. As usual, I do not have anything to give him this year. Unlike mine, at least, I get something from him. Yaiks! What to do?!  Since I have nothing tangible to give him this year, all I can do is to dedicate this entry to him. That’s a gift too right?

Without further ado, let me  list down the streamlined version of the characteristics or maybe perhaps the qualities that my brother possesses:

He is an understanding brother .

A son who picks up mistakes quickly.

An altruistic guy-next-door, in other words, not egoistic.

A modest altar-server

The most obedient child among the three of us. No kidding

A friend  who tolerates well.

A person slow to anger, rich in pestering together-gether with his siblings.

A student who excels in studies.

A devoted DOTA geek.

A guy who dresses too much like teenagers. Ended up people say I look older than him or worst still his dizygotic twin especially when he keeps his hair long.  I remember few yrs back, we were on duty for the M’sia Open badminton competition. Two uncles asked: ” U dua kembar kah?” … My heart shattered immediately. It is either my brother look young or me-old.

Enough said.  I don’t do this kind of puji-puji (praise) a lot. I think he deserves a praise on his birthday. And to write something about my brother is worth a blog. XD

Blessed 24th Birthday!

I’m sensing aplenty blessings coming your way~




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