To Possess is to

20 10 2009

…have control over something.

A postmortem on the gospel about the Parable of the Rich Young Man. Sounds familiar,ey?! The gist of the gospel- possession, as preached by Fr Michael.  The young man was rich. He had everything in the world, but not eternal life. He was challenged to give up his possessions. In the end, he failed to do so.

Different people have different favorites over their private property. A simple example, most homemakers preserved their kitchen utilities, they reluctantly borrow them to their neighbours when asked. Hence, possessive over personal property.

This can be applied in terms of money, knowledge, precious property, etc.

I make no bones about the fact that I’m a possessive person too. But now I know. A baby came into this world with a clenched fist, a deceased leave this world with an unbend hand.

Possessiveness is void after death, henceforth, I shall try not to be…




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