5 11 2009

Yaberzeyo! ( don’t ask, it’s just a form of expression, I guess..)

It’s the month of November = busy month! Finals are coming soon (in less than a month time), which means most of my time will be spent on books and books alone – pages and pages of  accounting related Baroque, written in Times New Roman font that makes you & me  go cuckoo. You will probably hear me singing psalms about “V model”, “audit tests”, “options, futures, swaps”, maybe some “IASs” and etc. How I wish in this period of time I have grown 2 pairs of eyes & 4 sets of brains. In this way, it could speed up my reading. Canggih kan? The anxiety, the fear, the uncertainty, the mental block, the “huh? apa tu?”, the guilt of watching Grey’s & FB-ing – these will all be aggregated and will eventually amounted to a brain fag. Reaching there soon.

November is also a happy month, less my 21st. *clear throat* I’ll be going back real soon, in a glimpse of time before I even notice the day. Going back = pitching in good home-cook food. yum! , stretching out on my Dreamland bed. hooyah!, churching wf family (without my bro this round). sobs!, catching up wf old-time buddies.wooosie!

November itself  expresses that Christmas season is close by. hohoho! – Jingle bells everywhere.

So ya’ll get the essence of my November activities,eh?!  What a November! haha..

Happy November y’all!




3 responses

5 11 2009

aiyakk.. u make me worse lah.. by commenting this, i contribute to fb and blog more! hahhaha

5 11 2009

aiyakk.. u make me worse lah.. by commenting this, i contribute to fb and blog more and no study! hahhaha

5 11 2009

nvm…i will not delete my status in fb until ur last day of exam… read my status whnever u log on fb…lol.. i go hibernate for a while..da da!

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