Chapter 1: Created for Love (Part 1)

18 11 2009

Confusion reigns, and it is leading to some seriously broken hearts. People today seem more confused about the meaning of love and purpose of sex than perhaps ever before. Many people are searching for the meaning of life and love but don’t realize that the answer is actually right in front of us; the key to finding that love we’re all looking for (even if we don’t know it) is hidden in God’s original design of our bodies and souls. Yes, you read that correctly.

Our sexuality is a gift through which we can choose to be generous or selfish. Society has flipped the idea of  “self-giving” on its head. In fact, many “love stories” portrayed in the modern culture could more appropriately be called “lust stories”. Why is this important? Because “love” involved being generous– like God, while “lust” is sexual attraction selfish– apart from the love of God. Not to be confused with sexual attraction (which is good), lust is almost purely self-seeking. As renowned youth leader John Crudele succinctly says, “Love seeks to give; lust seeks to get.”

Are You Obsessed,  Too?

Many people think that the Catholic Church is obsessed with the topic of sex, saying that it has all these “rules” about it. In reality, it’s our culture that is obsessed with sex. Think about it. The next time you’re in a supermarket, look at all the magazines near the check-out counter. Virtually every one will be dominated with headlines about sex. THe view of sex put forth by much of the world actually robs humans of dignity. The real problem, though, is that we often come to think about sex as the world does, instead of in the way that God intended.

The Call to Love as God Loves

We humans are called to love one another. We are not called to dominate or oppress or use others, but to respect them as persons made in God’s image and likeness. This call to love is actually “stamped” into our very bodies. The physical union of man and woman in the sexual act ( also called the “marital act” because it is intended to express marital love) is actually meant to be a foreshadowing of the union that we will all experience in heaven. That heavenly union is not a sexual one, to be sure, but it is real- more real than anything we have (or will) experience here on earth. It’s perfect union between God and mankind – for eternity.

The union is foreshadowed in the book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible. In it we read about God’s original  plan for unity with our original parents, Adam and Eve. But confusion reigned and there was a rupture- a breaking- between God and man. Because of this rupture, lust became a reality. A “twisting”, if you will, took place in our hearts. Instead of seeking the good of others, we desire to seek out own good, often at the expense of someone else’s dignity.

Yet God created us for union with Him. He gave us an “echo” in our hearts of the love that He intends for us all.  Pope John Paul II’s (PJP II) ToB is an attempt to identify and find that love that God intends for us. If you seek, you will find it. It simply takes work on our part along with God’s amazing grace.

Words and Wounds of Heart….

  • “No one has ever seemed interested in me. I hate my body.”
  • “I gave in to him because I thought it would make him like me more. But the next day, he acted like he hardly knew me”
  • “You always hear about the guys using the girls, but after I gave my virginity to my girlfriend, I found out she was cheating on me”
  • “I’ve been hooked on porn for years and I don’t know how to get rid of the stuff”

It’s hardly imaginable. But if we all long for a world which there was no divorce, rape, addictions, cheating, etc.,then

  • why do we all live in such a different one?
  • if we were made for love, why does it seem so hard to find?
  • and if we want love, why do we so often settle for the counterfeit  of lust?

to be continued Part 2….

Dominus vobiscum et cum spiritu tuo!




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