Never “X” on the word Christmas (noob)

25 12 2009

LoL. So greet people properly instead of Xmas

Yeap, it’s Christmas time again! During this season, most people (well if not all, Christians family, in particular) will be swarming across the city to reconnect and bond with family & friends to celebrate this great feast. In Kuching, the Christmas tradition is to cook on Christmas Eve. Grocery stores will be cluttered with potential chef, shopping for ingredients.

My most memorable Christmas was in 2005, had a rollicking celebration at my place with all the barbe, music, drinking and fun. This year round is quite dull per se due to the fact that dad & bro are away. It’s relatively saddening in a way, but time will heal.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to receive loads of thoughtful Christmas wishes from friends, what surprise me most is that most of them are from my long lost friends.Hak. (like I’d said, time for reconnection)

By the way, I’d received a beautiful Christmas message from the Good Shepherd Sisters which I would like to share. It’s a li~~ttle bit lengthy, bear with it cuz it’s just amazing!

They are all around us..

In the bustle of the season..

In the challenges of life.

So, This Christmas, open your heart

And don’t miss out on a single gift God has given you,


The simple blessings of Christmas are for everyone

Christmas gently reminds you

that greatness begin in small packages

Even if life hurts & is challenging,

Christmas will open your eyes to the joy of childlike wonder,

and it declares that hardship don’t last

The Virgin shall be with the child

And will give birth to a son

And they will call him Immanuel

A tiny baby is born

Joy to the world!

The Lord has come!

Jesus … the reason we celebrate

Christmas shows us the joy of giving


Christmas helps us reconnect with scattered family & friends


The promise of NEW BEGINNINGS

Christmas invites us to open our hearts

To worship.

In a world of darkness

His lights shines upon us,

And the world has never been the same

This year don’t miss out

Christmas shows that God is

Still at work in the world…

And in our lives

Open your heart & experience

The Simple Blessings of Christmas.

I have nothing more to wish but a simple Blessed Christmas & Happy Holidays from the bottom of my heart.




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