The role of quidnuncs

27 12 2009

or in local term: Kepo lang

It is undeniable that a myriad of Kuchingites love to visit any newly launched “four corner walls” that can be found in every nook and cranny of Kuching, be it coffee shops, malls, clubhouses, hotels; you name it..


1. Just being kepo

2. Share the joy and be supportive.

Sad to say that, I’m one of them too (part-time nia).. Hak~

Upon landing on this Laksa ground, been hearing lots of hoo-ha about this new hotel which is situated on top of the hill. Let me present you, Pullman Hotel.


Blue Christmas tree has become the center of attraction in the hotel. And if you have noticed, it is two-story high.

The glassy roof. This ain’t transition glass. Point to note, free indoor sunbathing if you stand under the roof for couple of hours.

2nd floor – do you feel a sense of  “album cover” ambiance?

Carpet with colourful stripes. Women with high heels should be careful with this fluffy carpet.

What’s this? You tell me.

A dog seater. Erm, for the record, that’s mum modeling particularly for this post. heh!

looking down to ‘L’ or the first floor – the bar.

the alley leading towards the lifts

Last but not the least, I somehow love this snapshot.

On the other note, there’s a new little mall coming up soon, hail The Hill. I bet the public will be swarming around the new place.




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