“A sad day for Malaysia”

8 01 2010

said Khairy.

I was like: SHUT UP you, chicken! What la sad day? Because the people have failed to arson all the churches throughout the country?

This news truly pisses me off, but after a second thought, I remember what my forgiving Allah said: Forgive them for they not know what they’re doing.

To the master-minders and arsonists: We perceived ourselves as the children of the omnipotent God. We do not contend with premature kambings because Christians do not preach hatred and vengeance. I seriously doubt that Islam do, if not, why is it always the Muslims attacking other religions? These are seen in many countries over the years. Now M’sia. If this statement is wrong, prove it! Yet, you call yourself a Muslim? Cuz I don’t need a religion to be rebellious. Shame on you!  Anyway, if this wasn’t for our God, you premature kambings would have been fried by now. So much for 1Malaysia, cut it off I don’t believe in this concept. 1Malaysia to me literally means 1 race, 1 religion, 1 language. Can we ever achieve that? So cut that crap Noobjib!

Anyhow, I know that my God is a loving Allah no matter what ugly things people had done to His people. History is repeating itself. Like how the high priests rejected Jesus as the Son of God in the ancient time,so they put Jesus to death. Same goes to the issue in M’sia today, people just could not accept the fact that Catholics use the word “Allah” , they become mad cow plus aggressive which leads to this arson attack to the churches. What have we learnt? He will always and still forgive, why can’t we do the same? May God Bless the premature kambings, plus “Allah for everybody”!

P/S: To my fellow Christians, do not let your faith waver because of this incident. This is all about politics and you know how politic sucks.




2 responses

10 01 2010

Agreed! Forgive them for they do not know what they do..Smile for the arson for it was truly a foolish act that brings significant change to our Christian society and our perception towards Muslims and it promotes greater unity among Christians. Great post! Love this! 😀

10 01 2010

Correction: Smile for the Arsonists* Lol

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