Chapter 3 : Naked without shame

27 01 2010

In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve to be pure and holy, setting them to live in a perfect world.

They did not have problems like we do today, and their relationship with each other was filled with a pure love, a pure generosity, and a pure passion. God blessed them with fertility and gave them the tremendous gift of caring for all of His creation. Theirs was the first marriage, a union in which they were “naked without shame”. In fact, there was no such thing as shame because there was perfect love. There was no need to cover themselves because there were no fear of being seen as an object to be used. They saw in their naked bodies the call to be a gift to each other. This unity, peace, and perfection would soon be shattered once they turned from God and committed the original sin.

“Shame is a tendency, uniquely characteristic of the human person, to conceal sexual values sufficiently to preserve them from obscuring the value of the person as such.”  – PJP II

Dominus vobiscum et cum spiritu tuo!




One response

24 11 2012
Stan Coveyou

I am a Pastor of a small Deaf Church and i use alot of powerpoint and i love the picture of God creating Adam. Would like permission to use.
Thank You
Pastor Stan

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