Wiki: Anne Sim

The name – Anne is pronounced as [ n ],  without an “i”.

A Sarawakian-Chinese who adores the combination of  Sarawak Laksa + 3 layer Teh C peng.

She is an accounting student who is currently pursuing the not-so-fabulous qualification hailed Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

She loves to go on food hunting trips (because she lives to eat) and travel to historical places but has limited funds.

She blogs

  • to express her thoughts and opinions;
  • about food and places;
  • to share personal highlights and memorable events.

Last but not the least, she is a firm believer of Christ. A passionate youth who is still in the process of discerning her vocation.

P/S: She was also the author of Agape vs Phileo . All of the archives can be found there.


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