Dinner at

28 01 2010

Carl’s Junior



Buon appetito!


Chapter 3 : Naked without shame

27 01 2010

In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve to be pure and holy, setting them to live in a perfect world.

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Life without

25 01 2010

Australian Open ‘1o, American Idol Season 9, Grey’s Anatomy Season 6

Equals to life without entertainment. Hence, life is INCOMPLETE…


24 01 2010

officially sucks..

Mind you. This pair is original and it costs rm169.

The then wound- just recovered.

Hun bought me two packets of Spot Cushions

And it got worst.

Pic above- The severe wound of all the minor blisters.

So much for “anatomy of a Crocs” !


Flip flop is still the BEST~

Lunch at

23 01 2010

SSL Noodle   @   Wangsa Maju

Dry Curry Noodles

(recommended by Ho Chiak! )

Fried dumplings

Ma Lak noodle

Buon appetito!

Dinner at

22 01 2010

Pepper Lunch @ Sunway Pyramid

Beef Pepper Rice.

Sizzle your dish by shaking, stirring & mixing. And you’re done.

Buon appetito!


21 01 2010

Time required to prepare: 5 mins

Milo . Instant Oat . Iko Wheat Bran Cracker.

Buon appetito!