Who said that accountancy is boring?

23 09 2009

I think I can do little worse than begin this entry by describing why accountancy is not boring as far as I am concerned and then, perhaps, go on to a more general discussion of why accountancy as a whole is not boring. As soon as Im awake in the morning it is not boring. I get up at 7.00 on Tuesday and Wednesday and my roommates gets up earlier at 6.50, so we don’t have to fight for washrooms. Breakfast is far from boring would either be oats with cereals or biscuits inside, a cup of coffee is a must. And I am soon ready to leave the house. Mr security guard would check my temperature at 7.52 in the morning before I step out form the hostel gate. It is a short walk to the lecture theatre, but by no means a boring one. There is so much to see, including Ms janitor, who  works at the lower ground level of the college. Ms janitor is an extremely interesting lady and has been working here for years before I was here. Then there is a lift journey of 4 minutes to 4th floor, this lift is one of ACCA students main termini, where we students mingle for a moment with each other from all walks of life, which I seldom do that. I think that many of the people to whom accountancy appears boring think that all accountants including accounting students are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some accountants are chartered, but very many others are certified. Coming back here, the girl sitting next to me is a Sarawakian too. However, most of the time the class will be full of noise when I enter – I did not mean to eavesdrop the student sitting behind me, they’re just loud and couldn’t control their volume. Most of their conversations are about homeworks – how they solve it or how they think it should be solved. Nerdy eh! Lecturer walks in at 8.00, class starts!  So far, as you can see, accountancy is not boring. During the morning there are a hundred and one things to learn and practice. A lecturer may pop in with details of  possible examinable areas. This happened in Dec 08 sitting and again last sitting but not in every paper. On the other hand the phone may ring in class, Ms Geetha will be pissed or there may be new scenarios to mull over. The highlight of the whole lesson would most probably be the genral knowledge sessions, where Ms Geetha will throw all the thought provoking questions to enhance our general knowledge,so to speak. The time flies by in this not at all boring way and it is soon 14.30 where the class end. The cafeteria is the most happening area in the college. Today you see JJ (Hitz.fm morning crew), the next day you’ll see Xandria Ooi, etc. At 14.45, after grabbing a bite. I return back home, the first thing I would do is to switch on my lappie. The first site I would visit is to my gmail. And then to the news sites and FB. After that ooopss!, it’s already 17.00, time to ta pao (take-away) @ convy. I prefer watching series while having my dinner (time-saving) but sometimes, I don’t do that. If  Im extremely tired, especially on the days when my class ends at 18.00, I’ll take a nap – not so a ‘nap’ after all. A deep sleep perhaps. I go for shower at 20.o0, it took me 15mins, or if I do laundry it’ll take me 1 hour to get everything done. I feel light & refresh after that. At around 21.00, revision starts or maybe not. Sometimes I have agendas. It varies every week. A little chit chat and updates with my roommates before bed. Once the light is turned out, I am left to think how extremely un-boring my day has been, being an accounting student what more to say a practicing accountant. Finally may I say how grateful I am to have written 681 words thus far in this space.  haha..

So un-boring right!?


What’s the most wicked things that a group of young Malaysian accountants can do?

10 09 2009

Go into town and gang-audit the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).