Let’s begin our new year with prayers…

1 01 2010

– Fr Simon Poh (quoted)

This is a beautiful song by Hillsong. I would like to offer up the  lyrics as a simple prayer for 2010.

I’m saved from the grace that I’ve found in You

All that you’ve done

Through the Power of the Cross for me

I’m saved of the mercy I’ve found in You

All that You are

The fullness of Your Love

For me

All that I have

Has come from Your hand

All I ever know is

Jesus You are faithful to the end

I’ll tell of the wonders I’ve found in You

And the love that You shown

Is higher than the heaven above me

More than this world.

Could take me from Your love

All I ever know is

Jesus You are faithful

All I ever know is

Jesus You are faithful to the end


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27 12 2009

is defined as a strong desire to achieve something or in other words, aspiration.

I’ve the mood to blog today. You don’t get this kind of privilege often. heh!

I remember talking to hun about personal goals the other day. Truly, I saw the goals I scribbled on my sketchbook some time ago  in 2006 during a Christian Conference. Before that, I honestly couldn’t recall precisely the goals I’ve written. Surprisingly, I’d already achieved two out of three of my dreams.

There are three dreams,specifically, short term, medium term & long term. I have to say that there are all simple dream, because we were given few minutes to think about our goals and jot down spontaneously.

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He, who never fails me

27 09 2009

Whenever I walk alone, God sends friends to walk with me.

I walked to church this morning, alone. God sent church friends to accompany me along the way. After mass, I walked back alone again. God sent Justin to drive me home. Im blessed, no doubt!

On another account – few weeks ago, we walked in a group to church. The mass was about to start in 4 mins time but we’re still on the street. God was good enough to send Melvin with his minivan that fits a perfect number of  the 5 of us, so that we wont be late for mass. And indeed, we reach there at 8.30 on the dot.

I remember this verse in Hebrew that says:  “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you” under the hot sun (added). haha..