Merry 2010

31 12 2009

On 1st January 2000, I was sitting in my late aunt’s place, watching CNN reporting on the new Millennium celebrated across the globe. I remember clearly, the last country to welcome the New Millennium was Hawaii. Looking back, I’m already at the 10th year of the New Millennium. It’s amazing how time speeds and we don’t even notice it. Sometimes real life has a way of consuming the time, leaving little left for philosophizing.

Fast forward to 2009, so much has happened.

  • I’ve learnt to forgive wholeheartedly those self-centred people who have caused the innocents to fall.
  • I relearn the meaning of covenant and the cause of failure.

On the spiritual side it was a metamorphosis year for me personally. To name a few,

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A Transmigration

9 09 2009

I have migrated my blog-sphere from Blogspot to WordPress. Partly is because my Blogger”s template is semi-cacated, another reason is because WordPress provides most of the features I want, except for the posting of the Nuffnang adverts. aiyah

Starting from 999, what I write will provide more explicit knowledge and informative news.

Til then, wish me Happy blogging in WordPress!